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48 Lauradale Road, N2 9LU

Architecture and Planning, Building Regulations, Refurbishment and Extensions

The property at 48 Lauradale Road, London N2 9LU, is a semi-detached single family house. The proposed works include a single storey rear extension and internal layout alterations.

Regarding the rear extension, the vision was to utilise the south orientation of the rear façade and create a design which is conscious of this orientation. Thus the roof is designed with a reverse slope – towards the house – in order to provide winter daylight (around 14˚ for this location) and heat (passive heating) from the Sun deep into the kitchen, as well as the new living and dining space. The design also proposes the use of a light shelf in order to provide maximum possible daylight during the summer while blocking direct Sun rays (around 62˚ for this location) from entering the interior. This would result in less energy used for heating and illumination during the winter, as well as for cooling and illumination during the summer months.

Please see the gallery of photographs below showing STS drawings of the extension.