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FOURWALLS, Hook Hill Lane, Woking

Architecture and Planning, Building Regulations, Refurbishment and Extensions

The property at Fourwalls, Hook Hill Lane, Woking GU22 0PT is a detached single family house.
The proposed works include a first floor extension, ground floor conservatory to the rear and internal layout alterations.
This project is a combination of traditional and contemporary design, which can be seen in both external and internal approach.
The entrance to the conservatory from the garden is oriented directly opposite the gate from the driveway. It is covered, like the gate and the entrance to the office. This forms a little porch with three doors concentrated in it, and it allows the conservatory door to be opened even when it is raining but warm outside. The office is separated from the conservatory by a folding or a sliding door, allowing two spaces to become one if needed.
The staircase is incorporated into the living space instead of being enclosed in a tight space. It became an attractive feature on its own, both from the interior and from the approach to driveway and the main door. The glass wall by the stairs would open up the north facade and let more light to the interior. North light is desirable for working spaces since it is pretty much constant.
The bedroom features a large modern dormer window, adding more volume and light to the bedroom. The bedroom has a large cupboard and a small study/work desk near the library, which lets eastern light to the bedroom which is always desirable.

Please see the gallery of photographs below showing STS drawings of the extension.